Things to Consider Before Installing Your New Oil Boiler

If you're looking to replace your old oil boiler with a brand new energy-efficient replacement, and you haven't replaced it for over a decade, we'd recommend taking a look at our 'things to consider' checklist...

Which type of oil boiler

Similar to gas boilers, oil boilers can be typically categorised into three segments; combi boilers, system boilers and regular/conventional boilers, with the former being the most popular for most homeowners! 

  • Combi boilers: As mentioned above, combi boilers are becoming an increasingly popular option for homeowners in the UK because they offer all of the same functionalities of a system/regular boiler, i.e. they heat up your home, but instead of requiring separate tanks to store the hot water, the hot water comes directly from the mains, which is beneficial because you can save space on water tanks and potentially save money on constantly heating hot water to go into storage. 
  • Regular boilers: These types of boilers require separate water storage tanks and hot water cylinders. They're best suited to homes with low water pressure that have more than two bathrooms. 
  • System boilers: System boilers are similar to regular boilers, except they do not need a cold water storage tank. Similar to combi boilers, they're beneficial because they only produce hot water on demand, and not for storage. 

Choosing the best type of boiler for your home can be a difficult choice to make, but don't just assume that because you have a regular boiler already you can't convert to a combi boiler system or visa versa. 

The choice is yours and we're more than happy to help you make it!

Which brand of oil boiler?

There are many different manufacturers that sell oil boilers; Worcester-bosch, Grant, to name a few, but choosing the right brand for you is a difficult decision to make. 

If you're looking for a boiler manufacturer that offers exceptional customer service, then go for Worcester-bosch. If you're looking for a manufacturer that specialises in just oil boilers, then go for Grant. if you're looking for something else, take a look at some of your other options. 

Our recommendation is to first choose the type of boiler you want, and then work your way down to find the right manufacturer. Of course, we're more than happy to help advise on the best type and brand of boiler for your home. 

Do you need to replace your oil tank?

Whilst you're on your way to replacing your oil boilers, is it worth also replacing your oil tank? 

If you think your tank is too small, i.e. you need to regularly order oil supplies, or you think your oil tank might be on it's way out, why not look at replacing it alongside your oil boiler?

If you do replace it, you can look forward to having an almost entirely new system!

Looking for an oil engineer in Bristol to install your new oil boiler?

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